- How long does it take for the video be delivered?

Projects for clients are usually delivered within 1-2 weeks.

- What payment methods do you accept?

PayPal and Bank transfer. Preferably PayPal.

- Who chooses the song?

Possibly the client, but if not we can find together a song that fits the video we have planned.

- What are the advantages of having a custom Intro/Videoclip?

It is something unique and exclusive for you, your channel and your community. Followers/subscribers love it and it gives a much more advanced, unique and careful touch to your channel. It represents the best of you and your videos. And for the same reason we love the Intros in our favorite series.

- I have seen that at the end of some videos you present the logo/title of the channel. Can you do the same for my project?

Sure. If providing me with your logo/title would be much easier and faster too.

- I want an Intro for Twitch, can I upload it to my YouTube channel too?

Yes, you can. But I am not responsible for any copyright claims you may receive for the song used in the video.

- I'm just looking for an editor for my video, I already have the footage. Could you take over the job?

Yes I could and for a pretty good price and no limit on revisions.

- Could you make a video from scratch using a game other than GTA V?

It depends on the game but with Grand Theft Auto V I have years of experience. If you already have the clips and would like me to edit them, we could come to an agreement at a good price.

- Technically, how many characters can you create and control?

Create and control up to 20 (technically) but the fewer the better. I'd say five would be the ideal limit.

- Do you accept to create projects that are much longer than a videoclip (like movies)?

I can, but I'm not used to it. It would also be considerably more expensive because of the work and the time it would take.




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