For Customers

  • Safety: The customers  are always assured. Customers will make the first part of the payment only after the first two phases (the most complex and laborious) have been completed. To ensure that I have enough quality material to continue the work and edit everything.
  • Turnback: At the end of the second step the characters and/or vehicles will be shown to the client. If the customer is satisfied we will proceed to the next steps. Characters and/or vehicles can no longer be changed afterwards. 
  • Revisions: There is no maximum revision limit. If the customer is not yet satisfied, neither am I.
  • Credits: From the second part of the payment the video becomes 100% property of the client. You can do whatever you want with it. But if you broadcast it publicly, you will have to put a small mention to the author of the video. In Twitch you can use the !intro command. This serves to prevent other people from impersonating me and to prevent other people from being scammed.
  • Price based: The price is based on the amount of material needed (depending on the length or complexity of the video), number of channels/users that will broadcast it and the intended use (community or commercial). 
  • Loyal customers: Customers who have already ordered a service will receive a 15%-50% discount (over the current standard price) on the next service.
  • Tips: If the customer is very satisfied with my service and wishes to donate an extra it can be done. Without any commitment.




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